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The World Awaits

March 11, 2008 Leave a comment

I certainly hope that you can discern that my subtitle is firmly tongue-in-cheek.

As a matter of fact, we have a family website, but my contributions were considered sufficiently pedantic that My Bride suggested that I get my own site. It seems that my assessments of taxes, governance, and the world around us were cluttering up my family’s amusing anecdotes. Thus, off on my own I go. Well, I’m still with my family. I’m not leaving them, and they’re staying put.   I’m simply setting up my own corner here on this site, where I’m free to opine.  And opine I will.

It sort of reminds me of my youth, during our Church’s Annual Meetings. Although most of these events were rather uneventful, invariably one blowhard would get up and bloviate endlessly about some bit of arcana in the budget, or something else that was sticking in his craw. As Robert’s Rules of Order was the protocol followed during these meetings, I secretly wished for someone to get up and say, “I move that Mr. So-and-So sit down and shut up”. Alas, it never happened.

While I hope never to become that bloviator at our church’s annual meetings, I will use this space to try out new things, to learn some of the nuances of WordPress, and to occasionally comment on issues of the day.

I’m fascinated by politics, while mostly repelled by most of the candidates. I’m not particularly partisan, although I decidedly have strong views. I’m probably more ideological than partisan, but more philosophical than ideological.

I’m a Christian, and fear for the direction of the Evangelical movement. I sense that in the quest to be “relevant”, many Evangelicals have watered down the essential message of Sin, God’s judgment, and His Grace and Mercy. Not a popular message, to be sure, but one that the world desperately needs to hear.  I’m an avid fan of baseball in general, and I’m also firmly ensconced in Twins Territory.

I’ll also pass along interesting, important, or amusing things that I read.

I’m sure that you’re waiting with eager anticipation…

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