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The Importance of DNR/DNI

While we’ve been away from our usual prolific contributions to the world of online discourse, we thought that we would issue a Public Service Announcement.

It would behoove you to consult with your loved ones on their wishes RE: Heroic (or non-Heroic) Life Support measures. When you are forced to deal with this, it’s a good idea to definitively know what your loved ones would want in such a circumstance.

If you do not know, it becomes an excruciating process, often to be made with little or no time upon which to ruminate.

It’s much better to know the answers to those questions before you need to answer them.

For the record, I’m decidedly DNR/DNI. Of course, as a Sinner who has Savior, I know that once I leave this veil of tears, I’ll be in Eternity. It was through Grace I was saved through faith.

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