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Back to Solid Expository Preaching

Now that Dr. Cofty has moved on after six sermons during his Evangelistic appearance, our church Victory Baptist Church, is back to normal programming, with Pastor Maupin. That’s far from a consolation prize, however. Each week Pastor Maupin delivers solid preaching from Scripture. Today’s sermons were on Luke 22: The Last Passover/ The First Communion.

It’s been a blessing to hear preaching from a man who is clearly devoted to Biblical preaching. His enthusiasm for the text is readily apparent. We have been at Victory for just short of a year. God has blessed us with preaching and teaching straight from His Word. No fads or the latest fashion so common now in watered-down Evangelical circles. Instead, there is the focus on preaching Scripture, on who God is and what He’s done, and who we are (sinners in need of a savior).

  1. June 16, 2008 at 11:04

    Sounds like you have a good pastor and you enjoy his preching.
    Is there a church website or anywhere one can see his sermons online?

  2. maunderings
    June 17, 2008 at 20:39

    Greetings, Mark.
    The website for the church may be found at http://victorybaptistmg.com/. Alas, none of the sermons are online. When we embarked upon a church search a year ago, we availed ourselves of many church websites and online sermons. In yet another example of how God smiles when we plan, we ended up at a church that didn’t even HAVE a website at the time, let alone having their sermons online.
    God Bless and Stay Well.

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