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Please, Don’t Let it be Romney

I’m earnestly hoping that the McCain campaign doesn’t drop-kick the election by selecting Romney.
Yes, I’m well aware that Romney was a Massachusetts Governor (anyone want to see how his Health care plan is working now?), and was key to turning around the Salt Lake Winter Olympics.

He would also be about the most uninspired choice imaginable. For the life of me, I don’t understand why some of the Social Conservatives, particularly the Evangelicals, are such cheap dates. Romney is a guy who wan essentially a Lincoln Chafee campaign against Ted Kennedy, and now is this hard-core conservative? How does that work?

Not to mention of the fact that he spent scores of millions of his own money, for what? A win in Michigan, where he grew up? Utah, where he has a natural affinity? Why is he the natural choice?

McCain came into this race with innumerable handicaps. The fact that he’s even within striking distance is extraordinary, and says more about the Democrats’ misadventures than it does about the GOP. Romney would be about the only Republican who could make Joe Biden look inspired.

McCain has so many other choices that would be better fits. I’m a huge fan of Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, and think that he would be a major asset. He was also a lonely supporter of McCain last year during the nadir of McCain’s run.

If for some reason Pawlenty doesn’t make the cut, how about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin? Bright, attractive, with a record of reform. She would blow the doors off of Biden. Kay Bailey Hutchison would be more effective than old Mitt. A name that doesn’t get mentioned is Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. While New Orleans devolved into a wet version of Dante’s inferno after Katrina, Barbour set about rebuilding his state, drawing high marks in the process.

Selecting a run-of-the-mill rich guy with a history (deserved or not) of cutting lots of working-class jobs is not what McCain needs. That’s not a class-warfare argument: it’s an argument based upon practical political considerations.

  1. bnel14
    August 29, 2008 at 00:38

    The problem with rants like this is that it lacks any objectivity. Romney has a lot of baggage but he also brings a lot to the table that no one else can touch. Your points would have a lot more validity if you discussed both strengths and weaknesses. TX and Alaska are already in the bag. So really Palin and Hutchison don’t bring anything to the table. MN is a state McCain lost to Romney despite Pawlenty’s endorsement. So you have little to gain. But really it’s Romney’s ability to play attack dog that will make effective. I bet if Romney gets selected that’ll be one of the main reasons.

    Romney spent tons of money. Everyone (especially the Huck supporters) lovew to point this out and it’s important to note b/c it didn’t gethim far. But then again Romney had to. Politics is about name recognition and he was going up against McCain, Giuliani (both household names) and Fred Thompson – still widely recognized. Now, Romney is a household name and one that is relatively well received by the republican base. So inherently what Palin, Hutchison and Pawlenty lack (republican establishment support) is what Romney bought with his expensive campaign.

  2. maunderings
    August 29, 2008 at 18:46

    If Romney had such widespread support, why wasn’t that manifest during his campaign? He had nearly all the big guns of the GOP behind him (Rush, Hewitt, the National Review, et al), and that’s all he could do?

    In one fell swoop, McCain has electrified the Republicans and may have taken some of the wind out of the Democrats’ sails (if I might mix my metaphors).

    If she goes Dan Quayle on McCain, then it’s a problem. However, she’s a bright, attractive woman of accomplishment who comes across as truly a fresh face. Compared to tired old Joe Biden, it’s a masterstroke.

    Imagine the gall of the Democrats to harp on her lack of experience when their candidate brings little to the table save a few well-received speeches.

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