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Yet Another Reason Why I’m Glad We’re Not Part of a Denomination

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Courtesy of the Good Old Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA),
here’s the Opening Worship Processional – 219th General Assembly:

A couple of observations:

1. It’s good to hear that the musicians at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market have another gig other than the weekends.

2, With a spectacle such as this, I would suggest that there’s a greater likelihood that the PCUSA won’t see their 319th Processional. If this is what passes for worship, it seems like the sands in the hourglass are starting to wind down.

3. Remember, these are Presbyterians. I thought that they were renowned for their probity and being sober-minded. If this was the UCC or similar wacky group, one can understand, if not expect this. R.C. Sproul is a Presbyterian, for heaven’s sake. Granted, Sproul is part of the PCA, which is supposedly more faithful to the teachings of Scripture.

4. Reformation 21 is a blog that I have on my list of things to check. While I certainly don’t agree with everything that’s posted, they have a few terrific writers who usually offer plenty of wisdom. Here’s their assessment of this PCUSA silliness.

The money quote is: “As a Ref21 columnist once wrote, whatever the sophistication of liberalism in the classroom, when it reaches the pew, in comparison to the traditionally orthodox, whether Protestant, Catholic or Eastern, it tends to be embarrassing, inane, incoherent, and of a quality to make a five year old cringe at its silliness. It’s rubbish; so let’s just call it what it is, shall we?”

It’s just another death rattle from the Mainline church.