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A Double-Shot of Martin Bashir

We have for you today two items, both featuring MSNBC’s Martin Bashir.

Here’s Bashir very courteously eviscerating a woefully unprepared Bell. Bell clearly didn’t realize that Bashir was on to his tactic of playing fast and loose with Scripture and material from other church fathers. Bashir knew it, and called him on it. Bashir didn’t often let Bell off the hook, but I wish we could have seen more eye-rolling over Bell’s pap that “When we shed a tear, God sheds a tear.” Nonetheless, when Bell tried to dust off some of his pseudo-profundity, Bashir called him on it. Clearly Bell didn’t expect such depth and breadth from a secular interviewer.

Consider then, this radio interview that Bashir did on the Paul Edwards program. According to his bio, Bashir, a former Nightline (and our family’s favorite) Anchor, was born in the UK to Pakistani Christian parents. In the radio interview, Bashir Bashir clearly demonstrates his knowledge of both Scripture and of church history, and mentions that he’s an Evangelical Christian who attends Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York.

Well worth your time.

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