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More Trouble in Minneapolis

Troubling column by Ruben Rosario in the SPPP the other day, concerning the street mayhem that takes place downtown, and the apparent ennui on the part of the Minneapolis Police:

According to Rosario’s column, the five suburbanites were attacked by a gang of ne’er-do-wells no further than 30 feet from the Precinct Headquarters downtown. When one of the attacked sought assistance from the officer inside the precinct, the officer responded by a shrug of the shoulders.

The story continues by reporting when the victim tried to enter the precinct, he was told to get out. A couple of Mounted officers came to the scene, but couldn’t bring themselves to write a report on the incident.

When the victim returned to file a report later that day, once again he was stonewalled by the city, receiving nothing more than a form letter stating, “We regret that this case does not meet our threshold for investigative assignment at the present time”.

In the meantime, the city with the Boy Mayor made it an imperative to hire a Bike Coordinator.

I certainly hope that the voters in Minneapolis keep this in mind the next time they elect their Mayor/City Council. It’s another reminder to all of us that elections have consequences.

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