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The Machine

If you’re like me, you’re growing weary of the seemingly insatiable demands of the Government Education Establishment, with results ever more fleeting. In our neck of the woods, the School District has an endless series of Referenda, going to the taxpayers virtually every year seeking more and more money. Eventually, either through exhaustion or ennui, the voters will pass the referendum. That doesn’t stop the district from coming back for more the next time.

Each year public school financing grows ever more byzantine. The cries for more money grow louder each year. Yet the achievement rates are either falling, or, by virtue of gaming the system, increasing while still turning out more ill-educated students than even a few years ago.

With this said, this YouTube video from Reason.TV is worth your 04:30.

While it may seem a trifle simplistic, it does give a fair explanation for the nature of the self-perpetuating monstrosity that is public education.

We’re fast approaching a reckoning. We cannot afford the current system, particularly one producing such humdrum fruit. What’s more, you’re starting to see Big City Democratic Mayors and Governors realize this as well.

I’m certainly not anti-teacher. I have family and friends that work very hard as teachers. The current system is unsustainable. The sooner we realize this, the better off we’ll all be: Teachers, students, parents, taxpayers.

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