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“Christianity” Just Earth Worship?

Until I saw this story early this week, I wasn’t familiar with the Wild Goose Festival, “a four-day musical and spiritual festival marketed towards Progressive Christians.”

I must admit that I start groaning whenever I hear the term “Progressive Christian” or “Liberal Christian”, as it seems that those that adhere to that view are much more interested in the “Progressive” or “Liberal” than they are in the “Christian”. As I read further, I saw that usual suspects such as Jim Wallis from Sojourners (every leftist’s favorite idea of a Christian) and Frankie Schaeffer, Francis Schaeffer’s disaffected heretic son, were involved, I figured my worst suspicions were confirmed.

As I read this article, however, it’s much, much worse than I anticipated. Much as it’s impossible to satirize the modern government education system, this account of the Wild Goose Festival reads like parody.
However, I feel it’s fact, not parody. Rather than Christian, progressive or not, it’s more like paganism, neo-Wiccan,
Environmentalism as a religion, wrapped up in leftist politics and silliness.

Read this piece, and as you do, keep in mind that there are people claiming to be Christian involved in this.

Read the whole thing:

Your thoughts?


“Preach the gospel. Call people to obedient faith. It still works”- A Hobby Lobby Reaction

Larry Rogier, a Michigan Pastor whose insightful blog at , has a couple of smart posts at his place on a Christian’s reaction to the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision. Here’s the first

Rogier characterizes the decision as ” a small, minor, and likely short-lived victory for freedom.”

This is my assessment, not Rogier’s, but I wonder if he wouldn’t agree with me that far too often Christians confuse the two kingdoms.

Here’s another quote:

For those whose Christian hope is in America, they will be found sorely disappointed. This holiday weekend is a good time to remember that America is not the church, and the church and the gospel doesn’t depend on America.

HL being free from providing all forms of birth control isn’t going to bring revival. I doubt your church attendance will be higher this weekend because of this. In fact, I doubt many people in your church will know much about this case. So I encourage you not to change that.

Preach the gospel. Call people to obedient faith. It still works.

Read the whole thing, and make it a habit to check in on his blog: